A robot home

Infra-red Air Conditioners

Electronic Door Locks

Centralized Air-Cons

Adjustable Color (RGB) Lights

Dimmable Lights

Normal Lights

water heaters

Motored Curtains

Motored Gates

Wall Plugs

Sound System

Smart TVs

What is Automation

Automation is a facility that was introduced with a vision to increase the convenience in the modern day lifestyle through the usage of technological advancements. For those who don’t know, automatable homes are where the homeowner has the ability to control the lighting, appliances and other devices through technology enabled devices like your smart phone. Needless to say, the advantage to the use of smart home solution is huge, the biggest one being having the control in your pocket wherever you travel. Here is a list of the various automation models of appliances that you can use in your home:
  • Infrared air conditioners
  • Electronic locks
  • Centralized air conditioners
  • Adjustable colour lights
  • Dimmable lights
  • And a whole lot more

How does automation work?

Thanks to the advancements of technology, automation is not as scary as it seems. Using motion sensors, pressure sensors, etc. the regular appliances in your house are made more competent. Additionally, the entire control is carefully integrated into your mobile phone. This means wherever you travel, the controls are always in your pocket. The first look indicates that the initial investment is high. However, when you compare it with the long term returns, it automatically becomes a worthwhile addition to your home.

Advantages of Automation

Here is a broad spectrum view of the advantages of using Smart Home solution:

  • Beautifies your home
  • Adds more convenience to your lifestyle
  • Installation is easy
  • You get to keep an eye on your kids
  • Better security for the home

You get back what you invest!

When we say that the controls can be operated through Smartphone, it does mean that you have to buy a technologically advanced gadget. But, we assure you that this investment comes back to you in the form big time savings on your energy consumption bill.