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Manage Your Lighting

Do you sometimes feel that your light is too bright and your eye is tired? or do you sometimes feel you'd like a change of atmosphere? Centrin Home Automation allows you to freely change the brightness level and color of your lighting, adjusting to your mood.

Smart Water Heating

Forgot to off your heater? Had to wait 15 minutes for water to heat up? Set your water heater to automatically turn on at 7 AM every morning and off at  9 AM on weekdays. Maybe on at 10 AM on weekends and off at 12 PM?

Remote Control

All our products are remote-controllable, be it from 3G or wifi. Apps are available in Android, IOS and Windows gadgets.

Smart Air Conditioning

Feeling hot but the air-con remote is not in reach or could not be found? Or is it out of juice? Or would you like to pre-cool your air-con on the way home?

Today’s fast paced life comfort is an important factor for everyone. People crave for convenience and with our home solution options, we are proud to offer them that comfort. Be it controlling the lighting and ambience of your house or simply ensuring that the security is updated, our home automation solutions are proving to be the most valuable investment for homeowners. Additionally, our lighting control and other home automation solutions can be operated from your smart phone. This means you carry the ability to control the environment inside the home even when you are not in it. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

Create an ambience that you like!
In fact, when operating the appliances like lighting control, you get a comprehensive detail about the external environment making it easier for you to decide the type of ambience that you want to create. From romantic evenings to planning surprise parties, you will suddenly have the upper edge in creating an ambience that suits your requirements.

One point control
With the home automation solutions, the biggest advantage is that the entire control is centralized. Be it controlling the air conditioner or operating the light, everything becomes possible from your smart phone. This really saves a lot of time and effort in understand the different types of remote controls required to control the various appliances.

You become a smart phone owner
Yes! The urbaneness of your home is incomplete without the use of smart home solution. After it helps you save energy and convey an impression of your home being superbly tech savvy. This makes it a preferred choice for home owners.

Peace of mind
A major factor that increases your comfort when using home automation solutions is the peace of mind that you get in the process. No more fretting over lights left on when you rush out of the house or walking into a dark home!

Simply get in touch with us; we will help you figure out the right bouquet of smart home solutions for your abode!