A robot home

Curfew Management

Is controlling kids from late-night gaming getting increasingly difficult? Not with us.

Your Home, in Your Pocket

Control your household appliances remotely from your gadgets.

Digital Asset Protection

Feel Safe as you monitor your home from anywhere

You Buy it, We Return it!

We Return your Smarthome investments by cutting energy costs.

Beautify Your Home!

Make Your Home more beautiful and comfortable with better lighting and control.

Do it Yourself

Bringing you an affordable, self installable system.

Instruct Your Home!

On the lights when I return home! Heat the water every 8 am! and so on...! The possibilities are limitless.

Find the Culprit

Ever wondered what is causing your electricity bill to skyrocket? or whom is responsibe? We could help that!

The Interface

The Interface of our product is so simple anyone could use it.

Home automation Indonesia

Home is where your heart is, isn’t it? This makes the home a very special place and so it is obvious for the owners to take every possible step to protect their abode. From the threat of fire to the danger of floods, your home runs the risk of being damaged in several situations. However, the with the home automation solutions provided by Centrin Home Automation, you can reduce the impact of this damage considerably. Additionally, given our fast paced lives, these home solutions are extremely useful and complement our lifestyle to make it even more convenient.

For some people the first thought is that home automation solutions are expensive but we urge you to look at the long term returns and you will see the worthiness of every penny being spent.

Advantages of home solution

  • Increases the safety by giving you greater control of the lighting and the appliances
  • Better security for your home because all the door locks are automated.
  • Increases awareness about your home and the activities going on inside it because every inch is covered by security cameras
  • Home automation solutions are big time savers. After all, they give you the ability to control the lighting security from one point and that too irrespective of your location!
  • Home solutions are also engineered in a manner to help you save money by bringing down your expenditure on light, security and other appliances
  • It empowers you to keep a tab on all your loved ones and even prevent accidents from happening. This in turn gives you complete peace of mind

What are the home solutions that we offer?

From motion sensors to flood detectors, we offer an extensive range of home solutions Jakarta. Therefore, you have a wide variety to choose from. Feel free to explore our website for more options or simply get in touch with us and we will help you figure out the best possible solution for your Home Sweet Home!

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