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The worst nightmare to come true when you come back from a vacation or an official outing is to see your beloved home looted. Thanks to the increasing crime rate in the country, this nightmare is coming true even in the most unheard of neighbourhoods. Well, we empathize with you in such situations and offer expert services when it comes to building automation system Indonesia. Designed by experts, these automation systems are engineered to enhance the convenience of your lifestyle and also provide better security.

Here is how the security becomes better when you rely on our services of building automation system Indonesia:

You can keep an eye on your home

Since the security systems are integrated to work on your Smartphone, no matter where you are located, keeping an eye on the activities happening in your home is easy. This gives you a greater control of the situation.

Fire and flood control

We have already told you about the ability of these automation systems to detect the presence of unwanted individuals. However, you can also use it to detect fires, dangers due to catastrophes like floods. The automation systems are programmed to send notifications for earthquakes almost ten seconds before the actual event starts.

You can fool robbers

Most robbers break into the house only after observing it over a period of several days. If there is not activity in the house (which is obviously indicated by the use of electrical appliances like heaters, fans, lights, etc.) they will plan their attack. However, when we are building automation system Indonesia, we address this concern. Since you have the lighting control on your smart phone, you can always switch on a light or two even when you are not in the house. This will minimize the risk of burglary considerably. In fact, you can also close / open windows, draw the curtains, open them, etc.

You are notified

Since the entire system is integrated on the smart phone, you get notifications about any unwanted activity in your house.