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Energy Saving


You Buy it, We Return it!

We Return your Smarthome investments by cutting energy costs.

Find the Culprit

Ever wondered what is causing your electricity bill to skyrocket? or whom is responsibe? We could help that!

Check Home Status

Did you really turn all electronics off before leaving for work? Are you worried air cons are running and your electric bill exploding? Check it online from anywhere in the world now!

Nobody in the room?

We could turn all electronics off till you return...

The excessive consumption of energy is a problem that a lot of homeowners are struggling to address. With the concept of smart home Indonesia, this problem can be solved to quite an extent. Yes! The simple act of lighting control can actually help in energy saving and this is what we are aiming to do. Through our technology advanced systems, we provide the users with all the lighting control on their smartphones. This means, no matter what your location, you can still control the lights, fans and a whole lot of other appliances if you are a part of the smart home Indonesia concept.

Here is how this happens:

Better control over the electrical appliances

With lighting control, you can always turn on the lights when you require and switch them off when nobody is around. This you can comfortably do even when you are not located inside the house. Even when you leave for work in a hurry, you can always check the status of your electrical appliances like air conditioner, heater, fan, etc. on your mobile itself.

Better understanding of the electrical energy consumption

Ever wondered which appliances or which part of your house is actually responsible for the huge figure on your electricity bills. If you are still figuring out the solution to this problem, you haven’t embraced the idea of smart home Indonesia! Our energy saving ability also comes with a program that allows you to clearly understand the different units of energy consumption in different parts of your house.

Better return on investment

While we agree that lighting control or smart home Indonesia is an expensive idea and will require a massive investment at the initial stage, we also urge you to look at the long term returns. Thanks to the energy saving that you get, a large part of the investment being made by you actually comes back to your pocket sooner than expected.